Grapevine Wood for Your Smoker

Bomvida Farms Grapevine Wood

Add intense flavor to smoked meat!

Grape vine wood provides an entirely different smoking experience and flavor than other woods. Our vines are in limited supply so this is one of rarest woods you can smoke with.

Others only sell the grape cutting & twigs...we sell the full trunk + cuttings! We've smoked beef using our grape wood, NO RUB, and the occasional spray with apple juice. That's it...our wood is THAT FLAVORFUL.

You can use it dry as direct fuel, or soak it.

Free delivery in Belen, Los Lunas, and South Valley when we come to town; if you're in a hurry we can arrange for you to pick up or meet somewhere. We can deliver further to ABQ/Rio Rancho if you order 3 bags or more (our farm is just across Socorro County line so it's a bit of a drive).

  • $30 per 14" x 28" bag
  • $75 for 3 bags

We cram as much as we can in the bag with a mix of smaller branches for kindling/soaking but mostly thicker vine trunk wood. We break the thick pieces short (10-14") so they can fit in most fire boxes without you having to cut them down much.

Brisket smoked with Bomvida Farms Grapevine Wood
Pork ribs & chicken smoked with Bomvida Farms Grapevine Wood

We smoke ribs, brisket, whole chicken, salmon, and shrimp with this wood. We'd love to have you try our product!

*If you don't mind the drive, you can come and buy it by the pile and negotiate your price based on how much you pick up yourself. We had a customer drive over 1.5 hours from Rio Rancho he wanted this wood that bad!