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great food, groceries, and experiences...locally for a flat monthly fee

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Eggs 2x a week

Fresh local pastured eggs delivered two times a week where you live!
*Only in select areas/communities

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Get stuff every week

Our membership is open to a limited number of families. Save time and money while getting EVERYTHING we make on the farm.

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Gluten Free Bakery

Our family has been gluten free for over a decade. Everything we make is gluten free (and we're really good at it...even folks who aren't allergic buy from us!)

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Artisan Soaps

We milk our goats twice a day to make super smooth soaps by hand with no artificial colors. Your skin deserves this!

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If people don't know about us, we can't provide them great, local food. Follow us on social media and share us with your friends!

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Smoking Wood

Grape vine of the rarer smoking woods. Sure to add a VERY unique flavor to your smoked meat recipes!

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Still planting our roots...

We've been here for a little over a year, but there's still more to be done. Stay tuned for updates!

Food is being harvested, our kitchen is built, the membership program is running for our loyal fans, and we're planting various veggie crops year round.

There's still more to come. If you want to drop by and see what we're up to, lend a hand, or get some fresh air...come on down for a visit!