Local Gluten Free Foods

We don't even let wheat inside the building!

Mom and the three boys are all allergic to wheat...so we've been perfecting gluten free cooking and baking for over a decade.

Our bakery and commercial kitchen make items for the local farmers markets we sell at, and we also make custom orders on request. We have customers who aren't even gluten free or celiacs who eat our baked goods because they are so delicious. And yes, we have ways to make items just as moist and fluffy as regular baked goods.

  • 100% gluten free facility
  • Local ingredients whenever we can...such as:
    • Our Eggs
    • Our Milk
    • Our Butter
    • Our neighbor's honey (a 2nd generation beekeeper)

Call the farm at 505-585-4137 to discuss your gluten free bakery and food processing needs!

Note: though we don't use ingredients that contain gluten, all items are still produced in a facility that handles milk, eggs, nuts and other allergens. The only item that IS NOT in our foods is wheat/gluten. If you are allergic to dairy, nuts, or eggs we may not be the bakery/facility for you.