Fresh eggs!

Become a "rEggular"

Yep, we spelled that right!

Our monthly egg program is a new way to think about how you shop for groceries. We bring the eggs to you!

Here's how it works:

  1. We give you a re-usable egg carton for $30/mo.
  2. 2x a week we come by your community and refill cartons. Leave your empty carton before our arrival time.
  3. We fill your carton with our free-range, hand-gathered eggs from pastured chickens.
  4. Enjoy your eggs...we'll be back in a few days!
  5. We do this twice a week. If you leave out your carton every time, that's 2 dozen eggs a week...guaranteed for one fixed cost!
  6. If you don't need eggs...don't take your carton to your pickup spot. Easy.

Do the math!

If you love eggs, you know that free-range organic eggs from the grocery store are expensive. Since you're a rEggular, you're paying less than $3.50 per dozen for our locally-grown eggs. You also don't have to worry about price fluctuations like you do at the store. As long as your membership stays current, you know what the price is!


We're test-piloting this program in apartment complexes, RV & mobile home parks, and similar on a limited basis. These places usually have central offices on premises that make it easy for you to drop off your cartons and for us to fill them up.

If you live in a housing community like that, reach out to the property manager to get in touch with us.

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Egg collection locations:

Socorro Farmers Market