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You've tried mesquite, hickory, apple & cherry try this!

Grape vine wood provides an entirely different smoking experience and flavor than other woods. Our vines are in limited supply so this is one of rarest woods you can smoke with.

Andrew Zimmern, chef and host of Bizarre Foods, told us it's his favorite finishing wood for smoking.

Others only sell the grape cutting & twigs...we sell the full trunk + cuttings! We've smoked beef, chicken, and pork using our grape wood, NO RUB, and the occasional spray with apple juice. That's it...our wood is THAT FLAVORFUL.

Once we sell it's gone.

You can use it dry as direct fuel, or soak it.

We cram as much as we can in the bag with a mix of smaller branches for kindling/soaking but mostly thicker vine trunk wood. We break the thick pieces short (10-14") so they can fit in most fire boxes without you having to cut them down much.

We smoke ribs, brisket, whole chicken, salmon, and shrimp with this wood. We'd love to have you try our product!

If you have questions about smoking with grape vines, just ask us! There's also plenty of info on Google.

Various trimmed sizes ready for your smoke box in a 14" & 28" bag

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