Home-grown chickens & eggs!

Your yard. Your eggs. Our help!

You don't have to be an expert farmer or poultry guru to have your own backyard flock.

It's legal to have chickens in your back yard in Albuquerque! In fact, you can technically have more than a dozen on each property. Though we wouldn't recommend that unless you have a lot of experience raising chickens.

But you want eggs. Fresh, local eggs

What's more fresh & local than your own back yard? Nothing!

For $10 a month we provide:

  • A small chicken tractor (their coop)
  • Waterer & feeder
  • Free delivery/pickup for any birds, supplies, feed, or processing

Get the birds...

We provide you chickens from our farm. We recommend a minimum of 3 and a max of 6 for beginners.

  • Baby chicks - Cute & fluffy...they'll start laying in a few months
  • Pullets - These full-feathered girls are about to lay any time now
  • Laying Hen - She's already laying. You'll have eggs right away.

All of our chickens are the Plymouth Barred Rock breed. We chose these because they lay brown eggs year-round, are docile enough children can hold them, and make a good meat bird if you're into that sort of thing.

Keep them fed and watered

We deliver a 5-gallon bucket of chicken feed when you request one. The feed in the bucket will change based on the age of the chickens you have (don't worry we'll keep track). Full feed buckets are $15 and there are no delivery charges. It's up to you to keep water and feed in their shelter + collect their eggs.

If anything fails or breaks (like the waterer, feeder, or tractor/shelter)...we'll come out and fix/replace it at no cost to you.

When egg production slows...

You have options based on your goals and ideals. Some people are not comfortable or ready to deal with older birds who don't lay anymore. We can handle it and help you along the way.

  • Obviously you can do nothing and keep them as pets. Eggs will continue to come and laying frequency will slow down, eventually stopping one day. If you don't believe in eating them or have grown emotionally attached, they can live out their days in your back yard. Eventually they will pass away and we'll help you deal with that if you need, but if you may want to process older chickens for food...
  • We'll pick up your older bird(s), process them, and return with the whole chicken...ready for your freezer. We won't just reduce your flock like that, though. When we come pick up the live bird, we'll drop off another pullet or layer (again, your choice) to replace the bird(s) being processed. We charge $5 to process each bird plus the cost of bird replacement you choose as priced above.
  • You bring your older bird(s) here to Bomvida Farms. You can bring members of your household if desired and we'll walk you through the process. You'll get to witness how your bird is processed and may be as hands-on (or off) as you feel comfortable. We'll explain everything. If you have kids and want to use this as a teaching method for "how the world works" we highly recommend this option. This is a very educational experience for both kids and adults while detailing the aspects of how the food we eat gets to our tables & mouths. We charge $50 for up to 6 people to attend a processing sessions. We'll also let you tour the farm and answer any non-chicken questions you may have.

You're not alone

We have extensive experience growing animals in back yards. As part of being in the Coop Troop you'll have access to our online portal where you can look up FAQ's about back yard chickens/eggs as well as get live support from us here on the farm. We're here to help you raise healthy & happy birds!

You'll be able to place orders online, get help with your birds/equipment, and manage your account online 24/7

The back yard chicken program will be available for registration soon!